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The Safety Defense System: A fighting chance to survive.

Having experienced a workplace shooting I, like everyone, has been trying to figure out a way to stop school shootings and acts of mass violence.  What has been needed is a effective means for civilians to protect themselves till law enforcement can arrive. The Safety Defense System is the solution. A portable customized kit containing effective self defense products and optional emergency supplies contained in a lightweight evacuation ready bag.

Due to the variety of non-lethal defense products such as pepper sprays, Tasers and stun guns and countless optional supplies such as tourniquets, flashlights and first aid supplies the Safety Defense System can be fully customized to your specific needs. Whether you would like one or 1,000 we are ready to assist with bringing this system to your school or organization with assistance in training staff. For more information or to place an order see links below. 

~Live, love, be safe and God Bless

Cindy Brennan EMT


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