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Hello how are you? Hope all is well!

Todays topic is the Booksmart Diversion Safe, its perfect for anyone and everyone who needs to keep valuables safe. Perfect for home, business, college dorm or roommate situations and more. In a perfect world we could trust everyone, unfortunately, today we must be smart and safe rather than be sorry. Too many people I know personally, myself included, has been the victim of theft. One of my dear friends had several pieces of jewelry stolen from her home, there was no break-in which means a “friend” someone who was let into the house stole them. Sadly, we suspect a friend of the granddaughter may have taken them. Unfortunately nothing can be proved and the jewelry, which would have been a family heirloom, has never been returned.  The threats are always around us, service providers, babysitters, adult care aids and the worst being friends or family we trust. It happens more times than we want to believe.

The Booksmart Diversion Safe is one of the best ways to protect, money, jewelry, passports, credit cards and the list goes on.  Who would suspect that book on the shelf is keeping your valuables safe? It’s right out of your favorite spy movie. The titles vary to stay current.

Have you ever had a coworker or yourself had items stolen from their desk, most businesses have cameras in common areas but not in private offices, which is not hard to gain access to. I quote statistics to help get my point across. The NJ State Police Uniform Crime Report for 2013 shows that in 2013 alone 66,210,621 THAT’S 66 MILLION!!!  In jewelry was stolen and of that only 8.8% of value was recovered. 35,530.958 in currencies, notes etc. again that’s 35 MILLION!! Was stolen and only 4.6% of value was recovered. Alarming numbers and that is just one year in the state of NJ. Don’t take chance! Protect your valuables today with the Booksmart Diversion Safe.

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Live, love, be safe and God bless!

C. Brennan NJ EMT

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