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Clever alarm also prevents door from being opened! Meet the Intruder Alert Doorstop Alarm!

Greetings everyone! Happy hump day! lol Hope all is well in your world.

Todays’ topic is home protection. Home means something different to everyone. Some own or rent a house, some an apartment, some are away at college living in a dorm or an off campus apartment. The one thing ALL have in common is the need for safety and security, and different situations require different solutions. One product I love is the Intruder Alert Doorstop Alarm  So easy to use takes seconds to switch on and put in place, its wireless and uses one 9 volt battery, no pass-codes to remember. Features a movement sensor with adjustable sensitivity that will activate the alarm if it’s tampered with and will prevent the door from being opened. There is an ON/OFF switch is on the back of the alarm.

The Intruder Alert Doorstop Alarm is must for anyone would like an easy to use, portable alarm who does not want or are not permitted to use a wired security system. As I said, its portable so perfect for travel safety whether for business or vacation, use to secure your hotel room door. A MUST for students going away to college, they are usually in a dorm room with 2-4 roommates, people you do not know, college safety has been a serious issue, going to college is an exciting time in a young persons’ life, but we must be smart and be safe. The Intruder Alert Doorstop Alarm takes seconds to put in place and can be used to prevent a rape.  Peace of mind at a tiny cost and NO monthly payments.

In New Jersey alone in 2012 there were 42,384 reported burglaries and attempts. 24,891 Forcible Entry, 12,992 Unlawful Entry- No Force and 4,501 Attempted Forcible Entry. This information is from the 2012 New Jersey State Police Uniform Crime Report. The numbers reflect that a burglary occurs every 12 minutes and 27 seconds in the state of New Jersey. Those are alarming numbers. As the economy continues to struggle, unfortunately desperate people do desperate things and do not care who they hurt. It’s our mission to provide every means possible for people to protect themselves and their families. A client, who is a vice president of a local bank, purchased one for his sister who had moved to an apartment. He said he and his family were impressed with the quality of the Intruder Alert Doorstop Alarm and that the alarm was louder than the banks alarm.

Live, love, be safe and God Bless~ C. Brennan NJ EMT

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