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Safety and survival tips

Never again Orlando! What you need to know now.

I’m relatively new to blogging and wrote the following as to be posted on a blog site. This blog was supposed to be a brief introduction …

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Wireless home alarm

Clever alarm also prevents door from being opened! Meet the Intruder Alert Doorstop Alarm!

Greetings everyone! Happy hump day! lol Hope all is well in your world. Todays’ topic is home protection. Home means something different to everyone. Some …

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Diversion safes

Get Booksmart today with the Booksmart Diversion Safe!

Hello how are you? Hope all is well! Todays topic is the Booksmart Diversion Safe, its perfect for anyone and everyone who needs to keep valuables safe. …

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Pepper spray

Spring has arrived, be smart, be safe don’t forget the pepper spray !

Pepper spray! Today there are so many styles its easy to find one for every walk of life. Real-estate agents love the pepper pen. Too …

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